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This is the future site for the PLS-Graph software - a Windows based package for structural equations modeling using the partial least squares approach.


A free academic version will be made available this coming summer. Commercial businesses may download it and use it for up to 15 days for purchase evaluation.


PLS-Graph provides a complete graphical user interface where analytical models can be drawn and results immediately placed back into the same drawing.


Partial Least Squares (PLS) can be a powerful method of analysis because of the minimal demands on measurement scales, sample size, and residual distributions. Although PLS can be used for theory confirmation, it can also be used to suggest where relationships might or might not exist and to suggest propositions for later testing. 

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Chin, W. W., and Newsted, P. R. (1999). Structural Equation Modeling analysis with Small Samples Using Partial Least Squares. In Rick Hoyle (Ed.), Statistical Strategies for Small Sample Research, Sage Publications. 

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