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Here's Wynne's daughter Angela (at 4 yrs) with a shiner after a head to head contact with the neighborhood boy . See archive photos of Wynne's older daughter Christina at dance, soccer , her first day at school, or in her butterfly outfit. Boring stuff about Wynne can be found here.

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Have you read today's Farley comic strip, Zippy the Pinhead?

Chronicle Columnist Art Hoppe died February 1, 2000, Eloquent satire skewered the pompous and powerful for over 40 years

Herb Caen, the San Francisco Chronicle's Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist, died Saturday, February 1, 1997, following a battle with lung cancer. He was 80.

Previous Herb Caen columns are here.

Wynne does answer his email now and then at: wchin@uh.edu

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